Mentoring programmes are tailor made for:

Current Traders Mentoring Programme will cover all the critical elements needed to be a successful trader.

  • Financial markets demystified
  • Understanding market structure
  • Price action context – high probability trades
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Wave Structure
  • Introducing rule based set ups
  • Understanding and defining market trends and setting targets for trades
  • Trade Management – entry, stop loss and take profit levels
  • Fundamental analysis, momentum and sentiment
  • Psychology of Trading – overcoming your fear
  • Developing trading journal
  • Answering the most asked question in trading … WHEN?
  • When
    • Do I enter a trade?
    • Exit a trade?
    • Continue adding to the trade?
    • Stop loss philosophy

Additionally, I will analyse your strategy and individual risk management philosophy and work with you to develop a more effective trading approach, creating a more consistent method and execution strategy. To complete the mentoring programme we will work together in live markets:

  • Identifying,
  • Applying the knowledge learned
  • Executing trades and
  • Managing trades