Professional currency and commodity trader with over 30 years experience

Tyga FX mentoring company that has been 30 years in the making founded by Mark Langley a career currency and commodity trader in the investment banking and corporate sector. The skills, experience and know how is now brought to you in various bespoke trading strategies and set ups that will enhance your advantage in navigating through the choppy financial markets sector. Tyga FX are committed to properly training you to make your own decisions based on your research and analysis in your comfort zone and within your risk profile. Our training and mentoring approach empowers you with the methodology and skills to be a consistently successful and profitable trader. I have developed a series of trading set ups that will aid you and develop your skill in trading depending on your level of experience. Mentoring is a critical element in today’s growing and thriving retail trading sector.

Who We Are

My career spanned over 30 years in three different continents, London, South Africa and Asia (Hong Kong and Singapore). Before heading up these prestigious trading desks, I spent the first 20 years of my career actively trading and acting as a market maker for the investment banks listed below.

  • Head of Trading – Credit Agricole Indosuez
  • Head of Trading – ABSA Bank Limited
  • Region Directory Asia – UBS Commodities
  • Head of Trading – BHP Billiton

I was appointed to the Myburg Commission of Inquiry (2002) into “The rapid depreciation of the Rand in 2001”as the foreign exchange expert. Additionally, I have traded through all the major market crashes in the past 30 years. WHY I AM DIFFERENT My approach will cover the FX and commodities markets, but my techniques are transferable to equities. You will get access to my experience of over 30 years of trading experience in the financial markets sector. I have identified and trained many traders and part of that process was understanding the strengths and weaknesses of each person and adjusting the type of education needed for each individual. Much of the knowledge that I will impart will also include adjusting your mind set and approach to your trading activities. After an initial free consultation, a programme will be tailor made to your experience, time available and desired outcome I will design and deliver bespoke one-to-one training and mentoring programmes that will prepare you for becoming a consistently profitable trader.

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The Tyga FX mentoring programme

Current Traders Mentoring Programme will cover all the critical elements needed to be a successful trader.

  • Financial markets demystified
  • Understanding market structure
  • Price action context – high probability trades
  • Candlestick patterns
  • Wave Structure
  • Introducing rule based set ups
  • Understanding and defining market trends and setting targets for trades
  • Trade Management – entry, stop loss and take profit levels
  • Fundamental analysis, momentum and sentiment
  • Psychology of Trading – overcoming your fear
  • Developing trading journal
  • Answering the most asked question in trading … WHEN?
  • When
    • Do I enter a trade?
    • Exit a trade?
    • Continue adding to the trade?
    • Stop loss philosophy

Additionally, I will analyse your strategy and individual risk management philosophy and work with you to develop a more effective trading approach, creating a more consistent method and execution strategy. To complete the mentoring programme we will work together in live markets:

  • Identifying,
  • Applying the knowledge learned
  • Executing trades and
  • Managing trades
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Programme Overviewed

Programme Cost

6 week intensive training – based on a 5 day a week training programme; this can include weekends initially before we bring all the elements together in live markets.

Monthly/Quarterly Subscription

Daily analysis of my charts and trade set ups. Continuation of mentoring programme analysing your charts and trade set up and being available to answer all your questions and resolve any issues that you face or assisting in your development of a trader – Your trading companion